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What would I do without you,my precious furry friend? Part mischief but all blessing,and faithful to the end.You look at me with eyes of love.You never hold a grudge.You think I'm far to wonderful,
to criticize or judge.It seems your greatest joy in life,is being close to me.I think God knew how comforting,your warm soft fur would be.I know you think you're human,but I'm glad it isn't true.The world would be a better place,if folks were more like you!A few short years is all we have.One day we'll have to part.But you my pet, will always have
a place within my heart.




Our Adoption Fairs are held every Sunday, every second Saturday and the occasional Wednesday evening.

To see a dog or pup at any other time, an appointment is necessary.

To find our exact dates and times for the Adoption Fairs please visit our Petfinder Site at

To see a listing and pictures of our adoptable pets please visit our Petfinder Site at

To contact us please email or

We do not return long distance calls in order to save costs.

We look forward to hearing from you.


There is an Application to fill out which helps us determine whether or not you fit out adoption criteria at this point in your lives.

We are not looking for "perfect families" or "perfect people" , we are looking for dedication , an awareness of the work involved in raising a pup or dog, the realization that it is a LIFETIME committment , the desire to do the best you can for a new fourlegged family member, the ability to deal with problems should they arise and a heart's desire to lovingly care for a new family member.

After the inital application is done and reviewed by one of our volunteers , then we can proceed with the Adoption Contract itself. This can all be done at the same time so that you and your new family member can leave together that very day you first meet.

The Adoption contract is very universal, we require that you give humane treatment to your dog or pup throughout its life. We require that you spay or neuter the pup or dog you choose at the appropriate time, within 60 days of adoption if it is an adult dog or older pup, or no later than six months of age if it is a baby pup. We require a copy of the spay or neuter as proof of this procedure being done.

We require that should you have to relinquish your pup or dog at any time, that you contact us first. We reserve the right to take back any of our adoptable pups or dogs should you need to re home them.

While we strive to help every person and family find the right pup or dog for them , our first priority is to the welfare of the dog and or pup and to that end "WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADOPTION"


What are we looking for in an adoptive home ?

  • We are looking to match the dog or pup with its potential new home.
  • There are many breeds and breed mixes but not all will suit each family.
  • We strive to help you make good choices that will last a lifetime, the lifetime of your newly adopted pup or dog.
  • We are looking for committment to a lifetime of 14 / 15 yrs. That is the lifespan of most dogs. Can you make that committment ??? If you can then we would like to meet you and help you find that four legged family member of a lifetime.
  • We encourage to research what breeds or breed mixes you would like to have and make sure that you are compatible with that breed or breed mix and then we can help you find the right match within that breed or breed mix.
  • Let's work as a team to find a forever home for a lifetime with that forever four legged pal.



Famous Quotes

A few years ago I conducted a survey of British Veterinarians....One out of five believed tht a dog has a soul and an afterlife...When the same survey was applied a year later to practicing veterinarians in Japan, every single veterinarian surveyed believed that dogs have souls and an afterlife.

- Bruce Fogle, A Dog's Mind

You think dogs will not be in heaven ?? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.

-Robert Louis Stevenson

If we have souls, then dogs have souls, and if we go to heaven , so do they.......Because if dogs are not is not heaven.

_Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

If there are no dogs in heaven , then I don't want to go there.

_ Annette Miller

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PRESIDENT                        ANNETTE MILLER






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