Fur Ball Hero's Award

Argyle Rescue


There is a phenomenon known as "collecting" and this was the case with a man who lived in Argyle Ontario.He had 200 pups and dogs,living in unimaginable filth,sickness and horror. On our first trip to Argyle, we saw one of the dogs being canniblized by other dogs. We found a dead,very pregnant pup not more than 7-8 months old. There were body parts of dogs and pups laying all over the property. There were 3 mother dogs burrowed underground trying to protect their babies from the killer pack of male dogs. One of our volunteers found a mother dog and her newborn pups still alive but buried under gyprock,plywood and junk. All in all, Pet Connection, a small grassroots organization,did the bulk of the rescue,taking in over 120 dogs,most of whom were pregnant,nursing moms,weak sick pups and juveniles. We also had an old dog whose leg had been torn off and who was in hiding because he was "Prime Bait" for the killer pack. We rescued one mom who had 18 pups feeding from her,because their mothers had died.

.Of the 120 pups and dogs, we lost 18 because they were too far gone. Despite our best efforts,we were unable to nurse them back to health.

. Needless to say, these dogs were tortured emotionally and some took a long time to learn to trust humans again. The rest of the pups and dogs we rescued from the horror at Argyle are all in "Forever Homes". We, at Pet Connection,feel that if we never do another thing,we made a profound difference when we went into Argyle.
Told by Wayne Lowry Pet Connection Founder





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